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JS10th #484

Owned by: Hidetomo Katsura
Located in: CA, United States
Grading: Very Good
Rating: 7/10 (Where 10 is Near Perfect)
Description of factory and/or other imperfections:

i'm probably the third owner of this chromeboy. the first owner played it extensively, exposed the yellow luthite, and flattened most frets. the second owner played with care. and i put a self-adhesive chrome sheet on top of the exposed luthite and had to have a guitar tech adjust the height of some frets a little so that one of the string doesn't touch other fret while bending a string (i couldn't play cryin' without the adjustment). now i play with care almost everyday with marshall 6100. sounds great!
Owner's website: www.katsurashareware.com
Chrome Boy #484

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