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JS10th #498

Owned by: Stuart Bowlerwell
Located in: Scotland, United Kingdom
Grading: Very Good
Rating: 8/10 (Where 10 is Near Perfect)
Description of factory and/or other imperfections:

No major factory imperfections. Bodywork showing the effects of 12 years of regular use: the forearm wear, plectrum scratches and a major bare patch on the back (possibly caused by belt buckles...). Also has wearing at the pots, esp. the tone control. The pots are starting to get noisy and probably requires some attention. The frets were reshaped after 7 years.
Additional comments:

This is actually an amazing guitar - and not just for the body's finish. The sound and the feel of the instrument is top class. How someone can treat this as an ornament, I do not know. This is the signature guitar of a great guitarist: it is MEANT to be played, heard and seen.

As an aside, I believe that this was the last one to be sold in the UK...

Owner's website: bowlerwell.net
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